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Interagency Communications Interoperability System

A California Joint Powers Authority Agency

613 East Broadway, Suite 200, Glendale, CA 91206

Established in 2003 and Regionally Operational Since 2004

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2024-2025 ICI Authority Governance Board & Staff

Chair                                                                           Vice Chair
Michael Ellis, Police Chief                                        Sheryl Davis-Moore, Police Commander

City of Pomona                                                          City of Glendale

Board Members
Greg Barton, Fire Chief                                             Jim Compton, Asst. General Manager BWP
City of Beverly Hills                                                   City of Burbank

Rocky Wenrick, Police Chief - Azusa                       Ken Powell, Fire Chief
Com-Net JPA                                                              City of Culver City


Duane Sweeton, Asst. Fire Chief - Torrance           Alfredo Estrada, Assistant Fire Chief

INSB JPA                                                                    City of Montebello

Anthony James, Deputy Fire Chief                          Maury Sumlin, Police Sergeant
City of Pasadena                                                       
City of Santa Monica

Board Secretary                                                        Executive Director

Raymond Edey, MS                                                   Raymond Edey, MS

                                                                           o:(818)548-3151 c:(818)535-2970


System & Master Site Administrator                      Legislative Committee Chair

Gordon Arnold, Glendale                                          Jason Maruca, Burbank


Technical Committee Chair                                     Operations Committee Chair                                

Ron Derderian, Beverly Hills                                   Sheryl Davis-Moore, Glendale                          


More than 40 Cities with 120 Municipal Agencies and 28,000 First Responder Radios

If you build it, they will come.  And this is apparently not only true of a farm-field baseball diamond, but also of a regional public safety radio network.  The number of Police, Fire, and other First Responder agencies, such as Public Works, Public Utilities, and Transportation employing the network as their primary mission critical communications platform has reached epic numbers.  There are now more than 28,000 radios affiliated with the ICI System Network.  That equates to thousands of first responders utilizing the ICI System Network in the protection of millions of citizens throughout the region.


We thank the Los Angeles County Police Chief's Association and the Los Angeles Area Fire Chief's Association for their invaluable support as we have pursued funding in very competitive Homeland Security grant processes.  The awards received by ICI would not have been possible without their sponsorship and representation.  This is especially true of the funding received via the State Homeland Security Grant Process (SHSGP) on an annual basis.


Actions by the LA/LB UASI Approval Authority, coupled with efforts put forth by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, have also enabled the I-C-I System JPA to compete for funding within the annual Homeland Security UASI Grant processes. After engaging a professional mediator who assessed regional interoperability in great depth and detail, the UASI and our public safety partners in the Los Angeles Region engaged in a concerted effort to attain true interoperability while recognizing the reality of a need to support more than one single system. This has resulted in awards of more than $5 Million in UASI funds since 2014 that have taken the I-C-I System to the next level. The funds were employed to establish the Santa Monica and South Bay INSB Cells, expand the Montebello P-25 Cell into Vernon, and enable Glendale to establish a second Master Site to provide full redundancy to the primary I-C-I System core. We look forward to integrating/interfacing with all similar LMR systems in the region and operating as “one” as we move forward with interoperability.  The ICI System and its members are very grateful to the DHS and our regional UASI leaders for their support. 


ICISYSTEM.ORG has replaced our former domain name of ICISRADIO.ORG.  Our new contact information is


Yes, indeed it was.  The JPA Governance Board authorized a migration to the new branding of The I-C-I System as of their February 2016 Meeting. Since that time we have been working to implement that change with minimal disruption and confusion. Use of the former ICIS branding has been discontinued. This was done in an effort to distance our branding from the acronyms by which certain subversive groups are known. Welcome to the ICI System Authority. And check out our new logo in the upper left part of this page!



ICIS operates on T-Band spectrum (470-512 MHz) and desires to remain within that same highly robust and effective spectrum range. ICIS urges Congress and the FCC to revisit the T-Band bill (Public Law 112-96/HR3630) and either extend the auction date to a more realistic point in time when an LTE Broadband solution for mission critical LMR communications emerges, or to abolish the legislated mandate altogether. There is presently no alternative spectrum available to replace the T-Band that is in use by countless first responders nationally and the cost of migrating T-Band systems to other existing bands is staggering (in the billions of dollars), far exceeding the potential revenues that may be generated by any auction of the T-Band spectrum itself.

Latest Facts:

The 41 cities served by the ICI System Network have a population of nearly 3 Million people, roughly a third of L.A. County's total population.

23 of the 29 Municipal Fire Departments in LA County employ the ICI System.

39 of the 46 Municipal Police Departments in LA County employ the ICI System.

19 of the 23 LA-LB UASI Cities with Police/Fire Departments employ the ICI System.

35 Emergency Communications Centers in LA County employ the ICI System.

There are now more than 26,000 first responder radios on the ICI System.


Rio Hondo Community College Police

Monrovia PD - In Process

Federal Reserve Bank Police - L.A.

El Rancho Unified School PD

Chevron Refinery FD

SCIMO Industrial Mutual Aid Fire


The San Gabriel Police Department and the Monterey Park Police Department are both now operating on the ICI System Network.  Both city's fire departments were already on the network through the Verdugo Fire Communications system.


We also recently welcomed the cities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Huntington Park, and South Gate to the system. 


The ICI System has migrated its Master Site, Redundant Master Site, Oat Mountain, and Hauser Peak Cells to TDMA.  TDMA quite literally doubles the number of talk paths at a site without adding spectrum and costly hardware.  This represents a terrific opportunity to increase System Capacity for our first responders and mutual aid partners.


Cells soon to be upgraded to TDMA include: Burbank, Pomona, East San Gabriel Valley (ComNet), Montebello, Beverly Hills, and Culver City.

The JPA and its Members are actively seeking additional funding to complete TDMA Licensing of the system.  The entire network was built TDMA Capable when upgraded in recent years and the technology licensing is now the priority.




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