The ICI radio system is a UHF, trunked radio system operating in the UHF (450-512 Mhz) band. It is a shared system with components purchased and constructed by individual cities and linked together through a microwave network in order to provide regional coverage. The concept of ICI was born out of the need for its current member agencies to replace their aging infrastructure. In discussions amongst the technical staffs, it was determined that each was looking at very similar system requirements and performance in thinking to the future. A little research showed how the systems could be interconnected to create a regional footprint that would allow agencies to enjoy wide area coverage for the cost of a small municipal system.

In order to govern the system, a JPA was formed. Committees of personnel from each of the member agencies work to provide additional support (legal, legislative, technical, PR) in order to keep the system working smoothly. An Executive Director provides guidance to the Governance Board and acts as the spokesman for the system and network.

Each city maintains its own network components. The entire network is monitored to assure that the system is operating to its optimum and trouble reports cause the dispatch of technicians to repair the system components.

Contact Information
Interagency Communications Interoperability
613 East Broadway, Suite 200
Glendale, CA 91206
Tel: 818-548-4844

Ray Edey, Executive Director
ICI System JPA
Public Safety Communications


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