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Built by Local Government for Local Government


The ICI System is a local government owned Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Network that hosts more than One Hundred Twenty Regional Public Safety Agencies as a primary means of radio communications.  This includes Thirty Eight Regional 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatch Centers.  The system’s 12 trunked cells and 38 repeater sites blanket virtually the entire 4,500 square miles of Los Angeles County with digital radio coverage that can be accessed by all member agencies and their resources.  The network is highly robust and engineered with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure continuous connectivity in the mission critical public safety environment.


The ICI System Network is fully interoperable, meaning all member entities can communicate directly with one-another throughout the entire operational area.  The network is also integrating with adjoining radio systems, such as Los Angeles City, LARICS, and Long Beach, to provide seamless communications capabilities across all regional entities.  Cellular in configuration, member resources can roam the entire operational area without having to change radio networks to maintain contact.

The concept of ICI was born out of the need for its original member agencies to replace their aging infrastructure. In discussions amongst technical staffs, it was determined that each was considering very similar system requirements in looking to the future. A little research revealed the new systems could be interconnected to create a single regional footprint that would allow all the agencies to enjoy wide area coverage for the cost of a small localized system and that it could easily be grown to accommodate others. Because these agencies each employed T-Band (450-512 Mhz) spectrum in their existing local systems, it was natural to engineer the new wide-area network employing that same spectrum.  The network was brought together as a system of like-systems with components purchased by the individual members then linked together through a microwave and fiber network in order to establish a single platform with regional coverage.

In order to govern the system, a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) was formed with the Governance Board consisting of a representative from each Member entity.  Functional Committees of personnel from each of the member agencies were then formed to provide additional support (Operational, Legislative, Technical) in order to keep the system working smoothly. An Executive Director provides guidance to the Governance Board and acts as the CEO and spokesperson for the network.

The system also hosts Subscriber Members, who do not own their infrastructure and who enter agreements with Governance Members to employ the ICI Network as their public safety radio system, as well as Affiliate Members who consist of other area agencies who have their own radio systems but desire access to the ICI Network for Mutual Aid Communications.

The ICI System is one of the largest regional public safety radio networks operating in the nation today and stands as a model of local government capability.

Contact Information
Interagency Communications Interoperability System Authority
613 East Broadway, Suite 200
Glendale, CA 91206
Tel: (818)548-4844

Raymond A. EdeyMS

Executive Director

131 N. Isabel Street - 4th Floor

Glendale, CA 91206

Tel: (818)548-3151

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