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ICIS Nears Complete Migration To P-25

June 1, 2014

23 of the ICIS system’s 26 wide area repeater sites have been successfully migrated to the APCO Project-25 Standard for full interoperability. Partial funding has been obtained for one of the three remaining sites and the agency is actively pursuing grant opportunities needed to complete the remaining two. Once accomplished, ICIS will shine as a single-platform, state-of-the-art regional radio system that essentially blankets the entirety of Los Angeles County with public safety grade land-mobile radio (LMR) services.

ICIS Goes To Washington

May, 2014

A delegation of ICIS representatives traveled to the Capitol and held a series of 16 meetings in a two-day period with key elected officials and Washington, DC, staffers. This included visits to both State Senate offices, multiple Congressional offices, and federal bureaus and commissions, such as the Federal Communications Commission, Homeland Security Bureau. ICIS is very appreciative of the support we have received from Washington, DC, over the years in the form of direct congressional appropriations and grants that have made system growth possible.

Bob Hope Airport Fire Department Joins ICIS

September 1, 2011

The Bob Hope Airport Fire Department became the newest member of the ICIS radio system. Bob Hope Airport Fire is now dispatched as the Verdugo Fire Communications Center’s newest contract agency for Fire/EMS dispatch services. Read Full

Public Safety Communications: Are the Needs of Our First Responders Being Met?

March 30, 2011

Gregory L. Simay (City of Burbank) testified before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Homeland Security about first responders' needs for public safety communications. Read Full

2010 Los Angeles Marathon

March 23, 2010

An estimated 25,000 runners took part in the 25th Los Angeles Marathon-2010 that started at Dodger Stadium and ultimately continued through the City of Beverly Hills before finishing in the City of Santa Monica. The Beverly Hills Police and Fire Departments, along with the support of City Staff and volunteers, aided in a safe and successful experience for runners and spectators alike. Read Full


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