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Agendas & Minutes


ICI Governance    

Interagency Communications Interoperability (ICI) System Authority was conceived in order to develop a regional communications platform for agencies in the Los Angeles area. A joint powers authority was formed in 2003 to allow the System to govern itself and to perform its day to day business.


The ICI System is overseen by a Governance Board which represents each of the agencies that own a part of the network. This form of governance provides the balance needed to maintain both a network with a high level of sophistication and accountability to the agencies that make up the system.


The members of the Governance Board are selected by their City leaders to represent the interests of the community, while advancing the interests of wide area interoperability. The Board is a balance of Public Safety professionals and administrators. This mix provides a broad spectrum of talent and perspective that result in a well managed network delivering high quality service to its members.

Standing Board & Committees

The Governance Board oversees the activities of several committees, each comprised of representatives from each of the owner agencies to assure that their interests are kept in focus. Present at most committee meetings are individuals who represent the equipment manufacturers as well as others interested in membership, the growth and operations of the network. Only ICI members are permitted to vote on issues both at the committee level and at the Governance Board.

The Operations Committee is represented by first responding personnel and develops recommendations for policy regarding the day to day use and emergency operations of the System. As primary users of the System, they are able to identify any shortcomings of the System, as well as share ideas and concerns about improved service. They are assisted in their processes by technical staff who understand the network. This allows the Operations staff to be creative in their thinking and to be collaborative with the technology in suggesting solutions to issues related to the System.

The Technical Committee is represented by radio communications personnel and is concerned with system functionality, maintenance and growth. They are continuously looking at the network for issues related to reliability and growth. The Technical Committee also reviews applications for subscriber agencies to assure that the network has the capacity to support growth and expansion.

The Legislative Committee works with the federal and state advocates on issues related to funding. They are counted on to assist the Governance Board in maximizing the funding and outreach opportunities to expand and reinforce the operations.

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